'Shotgun' Joe Biden

Vice President ‘Joking’ Joe Biden is telling Americans that don’t need to go out and buy AR-15 style rifles, but to go out and  “buy a shotgun” for home protection. I didn’t need Joe to tell me to buy a shotgun because I had already purchased this Mossberg 500 ‘Special purpose’ tactical shotgun for my own protection from lunatic leftist and criminals that may want to cause me  and my dogs harm.


Considering that Democrat Senator Feinstein is trying to  ban ‘assault weapons’, I’m wondering  whether or not my NRA and Joe Biden approved shotgun would be considered illegal because I  have swapped out the pistol grip that came with the weapon with a tactical grip and stock?


After all, what makes a gun an ‘assault weapon’ is the plastic and rubber gun grip. (Sarcasm-Rolling eyes) For all of you gun enthusiasts, know that I will be affixed a extended barrel, laser night scope and rocket launcher to my ‘Mossy’ in the very near future.