Take Joe Biden seriously at your peril

In response to ‘Shotgun’ Joe Biden:

It gets even better, Javier: following Biden’s dim-witted advice would actually get you arrested in his home state, for aggravated menacing and reckless endangering in the first degree.  You’re not supposed to discharge firearms at people just for trespassing on your property, and when you fire into the air, the round eventually comes down and hits something, or someone.  And yes, people really have been arrested for doing more or less what Biden just told them to do.

Not to mention that he specifically recommended the purchase of a double-barreled shotgun.  If you fire a warning shot from such a weapon to intimidate someone who really does mean you serious harm, you just threw away one of your two – count ’em, two – opportunities for self-defense.

It remains a devastating indictment of Barack Obama’s character and judgment that he would install this cretin in the Vice Presidency.  Of course, Biden wasn’t even really trying to offer serious advice for self-defense – he and his family have the finest professional protection on Earth, and they’re not packing double-barreled shotguns, nor are they given to firing warning shots in the air.  He’s just another power-mad but ignorant liberal who assumes his audience is composed of even more ignorant Obama voters, and he could impress them with his “folksy” bluster about telling little ol’ Jill to run off trespassers with her boom stick.  God help anyone who ever takes this man seriously about anything.