Good News: There are About 100,000 Objects the Size of the Russian Meteor-Bomb Likely to Hit Earth and We're Barely Aware of Any of Them

But I’m in such a mood I can only think bring it on, oh Sweet Meteor of Death.

It turns out the meteor that landed in Russia last week was a bit bigger than the 10 tons first reported. About 1,000 times bigger.




And the size of those smaller objects — whether they’re 10 tons or 10,000 tons — makes them impossible to track with current technology, he said.

I say cut all funding for “global warming” studies and mitigation until we can find out how to track, and deflect, a possible real planet-killer.

But this will never happen. Know why? An meteor strike, while a genuine threat to destroy a city or even most life on earth, is an external threat. The left which dominates our institutions are only interested in internal threats, such as “global warming,” because only those provide the needed context to control the population, which is the actual aim.

A meteor strike on the planet is quite a real possibility. We had a blast a week ago; we had a fireball, also in Russia, in 1908, that detonated (it’s estimated) with the force of 30 megatons.   If it had hit a city rather than Siberian wilderness, it would be a century-defining event rather than what it thankfully turned out to be, the answer to a trivial question.

The one that struck the Yucatan and killed all the dinosaurs (well, most of ’em) left such a huge crater that you couldn’t even see that it was a crater — until you looked at it from space with ground-penetrating radar.

But there is no political advantage for the Gramsciite left in this. This doesn’t divide the population, nor put more power over citizens’ decisions and lives into government hands. Ergo, it’s ignored.

It’s not “hot.” It doesn’t make them excited. At no point does this require the broad ceding of power to the government. So it’s a threat but not, alas, an opportunity. If there’s no end-stage where they get to impose disguised Marxism on other human beings, it simply doesn’t interest them.


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