Clooney's Clumsy Start to 'In Memoriam' Saved by Streisand

The clumsiest part of any Oscar telecast is the In Memoriam segment. Either the crowd starts up an applause contest, or the list of the dearly departed leaves out someone who had a real impact with viewers.

Tonight, George Clooney introduced the somber segment as if he were reading a cereal commercial. C’mon, George, puts some emotion into it. You do have an Oscar, remember?

The segment wrapped with an image of the late Marvin Hamlisch giving way to Barbra Streisand in silhouette. Yes, Babs is back for Oscar night, and she turned in a lovely, personal version of Hamlisch’s The Way We Were.

Once again, on a night filled with stale boob jokes and even more stale Jewish jokes, real talent gave us a reprieve.