Pro- and anti-government fanaticism

David “Pants Crease” Brooks chipped in to help his beloved Barack out of the sequestration corner he’s painted himself into, by decrying sequestration as “mindless anti-government fanaticism, which doesn’t separate the good from the bad… it just cuts.”

So what does that make the ridiculous geyser of indiscriminate spending, the fountain of Solyndras and welfare cell phones and videogame studies and six-figure bureaucrats gushing from Washington over these past decades, and erupting with particular intensity over the last four?  Mindless pro-government fanaticism?

Brooks tries to give himself a little cover by claiming he feels “ambivalent” about the Democrats’ sequestration strategy, but that’s ridiculous.  There’s nothing to be “ambivalent” about.  They’ve known the sequester was coming for a year.  They haven’t made any effort whatsoever to “separate the good from the bad” or design any “smart spending cuts.”  They haven’t done anything but daydream about the size of the tax increases they’ll demand, and how they’ll be able to inflict maximum pain on the American public to gin up animosity against the Republicans… who most certainly have been proposing sequestration alternatives that separate wheat from chaff.

And this comes after decades of Lucy-and-Charlie Brown-football games in which deficit-reduction agreements produced tax increases now and spending cuts never.  It’s too bad we have to cut the bloated federal government mindlessly, but let’s get that done now, and immediately begin discussing the smart spending cuts to follow.  We’ve got hundreds of billions in waste, redundancy, abuse, and cronyism to slash.