We Can't Survive Without Illegal Immigrants

Univision’s Jorge Ramos believes that our lives revolve around illegal immigration. I think I know what he is trying to say, but last time I went to the Hospital, my doctor and my nurses were not illegal immigrants.

I think we have to be very honest and we have to know that undocumented immigrants are thousands of American companies who hire them, and because there are millions of Americans who benefit from them every single day from their work. What we had this morning for breakfast was harvested by immigrants, the houses and apartments where we live was were built by undocumented immigrants, whenever we go to a restaurant or to a Hospital, or to a hotel, we are being served by undocumented immigrants. It would be disingenuous and it would be hypocritical to criticize undocumented immigrants when we here in the United States, created the circumstances to bring them here, especially that we are benefit from their work every single day. – Jorge Ramos

Let us know if you Doctor is an illegal immigrant.