10-Part Miniseries 'The Bible' Premiers March 3 on The History Channel

For two decades now, The History Channel, A&E, Discovery, and Biography have all done a notable job of exploring the Bible, specifically the gospels, through various documentaries. Though challenging at times, I’ve never found them disrespectful or dismissive. For that reason, and the fact that Mark Burnett is the creator (not The Creator), I’m pumped over the History Channel’s upcoming 10-part miniseries “The Bible.”

Burnett, who’s most famous for creating reality series such as “Survivor” and “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” is one terrific storyteller. To craft a compelling narrative out of “reality’ is a genuine skill, and he’s been at the top of his game for two decades now. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to take Genesis, Revelations, everything in-between, and turn it into a manageable storyline.

Since 2007, Burnett’s been married to Roma Downey, who most people know from her long-running spiritual series “Touched By an Angel.” From what I’ve read, she’s not only a Christian in real life but takes her faith serious enough to have earned a master’s degree in spiritual psychology. Downey is a producer and star of the series.

When it comes to the Christian faith, Hollywood’s come a long way in the nine-years since the “Passion of the Christ”– and in a positive way.

Considering that and the pedigree and talent of all involved (the trailers look top-notch), it’s safe to say “The Bible” should be something worth anticipating. It premiers March 3.