Barbara Walters Returns to 'The View' Next Week

Though she looks 15 years younger, when any 83 year-old suffers a fall or any kind of illness, it’s always cause for concern. It’s been over a month since Barbara Walters last made a public appearance, and over a week since we’ve heard anything about her condition. So it’s quite a relief to know Walters will be back to work at “The View” next week.

After more than a month sidelined with chicken pox, Barbara Walters will return to her hit ABC daytime show, “The View,” starting next week.

Ms. Walters made the announcement herself during a phone call to “The View” Tuesday morning from her Manhattan apartment.

“Like it or not, I’m coming back on the show again,” Ms. Walters said.

Don’t get me wrong, “The View” is toxic sludge and any news of its cancellation would be worthy of celebration.

But I am genuinely relieved and happy to see Walters healthy enough to return to work.