Butting in Again RE Modern Feminism

In response to Explain?:

I believe your faith in forever “explaining” Advanced Conservatism to people who are barely aware of who their congressman is is misplaced.

If you’re explaining you’re losing.

I hear this kind of thing a lot:  If we could just get people to listen to Limbaugh and Levin every day…

 Get people who are essentially uninterested in politics to listen to six hours of rightwing talk radio per day?  Is that all?

But I’m not at all sure that “low info voters” are so low info they don’t know what modern feminism stands for. They don’t need Rush Limbaugh to tell them that today’s feminists are aggressively pro-abortion, for instance. They know feminists believe in the absurd idea that men and women are essentially the same. They get that feminists like to obsess about “the patriarchy”. They know the basics. Most of them, do anyway.

Your definition of feminism (women are equal and just as important as men) is the old fashioned – classical definition. It’s been updated since 1900 – infused with cultural Marxist gobblygook that most people eschew.

To me it’s  like saying you agree with critical race theory because you believe slavery was wrong.

For me to pretend I don’t know any better goes against my very nature – which is to be honest and upfront about what I believe.