Andrew Breitbart: "Join the New Media Revolution" (Video)

 I took this video of Andrew Breitbart taking questions after Saturday lunch at the Smart Girl Summit in St. Louis, July 2011. It’s over 38 minutes long, but if you don’t have time for the whole thing, listen to this classic Breitbart moment starting at 4:32:

 I’m telling you as a pied piper, please join the new media revolution – have your video camera with you all the time, and confront union astroturf because all you have to do is ask basic questions like, “why are you here?”, and springs…. fly out of their ocular cavities – because they’re robots – they’re programmed robots and all you have to do is ask them one question, and they explode, or implode and you’ll have human debris on you.”

Andrew could have been talking about his famous confrontation with OFA and SEIU protesters outside of the Right Nation conference in Sept. 2010:


Why do Andrew’s words in the first video have special meaning to us,  today? Because we’re in for lots more of the nonsense we saw in the second video in the years to come.

Obama’s campaign arm, Organizing For America (OFA) has reorganized under the name Organizing for Action, with the purpose of aggressively pushing Obama’s Marxist agenda, including Climate Change and Gun Control. They have already been active on the gun control front, holding several smallish rallies, and not surprisingly – the “robots” continue to embarrass themselves and springs fly out of their ocular cavities when someone asks them a question. Any question.

At an OFA anti-gun rally in Atlanta a few days ago, for instance, a woman said that using a firearm in self defense “is not an option.”

When a a reporter asked her, “but what if someone is trying to kill you?” She replied, “They’ll just have to kill me.”

OFA had planned to bus their ‘bots to Albany, yesterday, where they were to join forces with members of Obama’s purple army – the SEIU to counter-protest the huge NRA rally outside the Capitol, but luckily, someone put the kibosh on that genius idea.

We’ve got a rocky road ahead of us as Obama and his rent-a-mobs push his big government, anti-freedom  agenda on the American public.  Andrew Breitbart would want you to have your cameras ready for action.