Star Wars vs. Sip Wars

In response to Why Obama Wins: ‘Star Wars’ Gaffe Becomes Genius Meme:

That’s somewhat reminiscent of the way Marco Rubio jumped on the “water sip gaffe” and played it for laughs, which was definitely the right strategy.  The difference is that I don’t recall Rubio trying to build a policy-political theme into his response, like portraying the sequester as a tiny sip from a giant water bottle or something like that.  He played off the Sip of Doom as a matter of personality, and to that extent seemed generally successful.

For better or worse, Obama’s people never stop building Total State policy demands into everything he does.  Some find it creepy; others note that his relentless political barrage does seem to penetrate to the Low-Information Voter crowd, which might not have seen the Obama political theme of the week the first 500 times he pushed it.

At least Obama doesn’t have to worry about the media endlessly harping on his verbal gaffes, or late-night comedians building them into a narrative about him being manipulative or out-of-touch, any more than he needs to worry about standup routines mocking him for sounding like a wheezy socialist broken record.  (Roads and bridges again?  Really?)