It's Not Climate Change. It's Population Control

If only Liberals would tell the truth about climate control…

Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins pinned an article on describing the effects of climate control on the black community.

Today one of the best ways we can advance the gains of the civil rights movement is by creating real economic opportunity and dignified work for folks who have historically been left out. And the clean-energy economy offers the most promise to do just that.

The arguments expressed are so laughable, I had a hard time reading through the entire article.  My favorite being…

That’s because cities develop “heat islands,” which are created by an abundance of concrete and asphalt. People of color more densely populate urban areas that are prone to the heat-island effect.

Then why do you support the party that created the ghettos inclosed in the “heat islands”?

If you believe in climate change, then you must first acknowledge the biggest threat to the planet is the population. The less people on Earth, the less energy needed to power our societies. 

It’s not climate change, it’s population control. 

P.S.  Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins is Chief Executive Officer at Green For All; a progressive group created by self avowed Communist Van Jones.  Now it’s starting to make more sense.


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