IL Democrat Proposes 'Junk Gun' Ban

A democrat congressman from America’s murder capital will introduce legislation to ban ‘junk handguns.’    The bill is “designed to ban the production of low-quality handguns, known informally as ‘Saturday night specials.’ ” 

While the emphasis and attention has been focused on the rarely-used-in-crime “assault weapon,” Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) is going after the much cheaper, more frequently used weapon of choice,the cheap handgun.  Gutierrez points out that 97% of Chicago’s gun murders were committed using a handgun. 

The plan here is to force the ATF to regulate the domestic production of handguns they way they currently do for guns that are imported for sale in the US.  Gutierrez  argues that “economy guns” are made with weaker metals or lack of safety features, so that they cost less money. By expanding the ATF’s power, they could simply outlaw guns that are made with such materials or do not meet certain  safety requirements.

“When we regulate cars and cribs and a whole host of products to ensure
they are safe for public consumption, how does it not makes sense that
we have basic safety standards for dangerous handguns?” he asked. “Now
is the time to remove the most unsafe handguns from the market.”

While the pretense of this silly gun grab was to ban the guns most frequently used in crime because they are cheap, now we hear that these guns are actually unsafe for their owners.  



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