Am I Totally Wrong? Update: I Am In Fact Totally Wrong

In response to RE: Are You Claiming….:

Commenter Tifuk just says I’m flat-out wrong, and that the reactions were in fact pre-recorded.  I saw this claimed (as a speculation) on Slate, and New York claims it to be some kind of fact (though they don’t claim how they know this).

This claim, which seemed to me preposterous and akin to saying WTC 7 was a controlled demolition, may be true. (And now I have to re-think WTC 7 while I’m at it… Collapsing buildings never have puffs of smoke, now that I think about it.)

Well if that’s the case then I have no objections– my only objection was Ambush Mortification. If the actresses were doing a bit, then there was no Ambush and there was no Mortification. (Though I’m not angry at them for tricking me, of course.)

I don’t know if I’m convinced this was fake yet, but I am convinced that enough people believe it was fake that I’m wrong to insist it wasn’t.

So, this is a post that essentially retracts my last five. Wow. I really have wasted a tremendous amount of time and sentences on this.

If I could just save one little piece of my ego, though… if they were in on it, then I’m not seeing any modesty-promoting value in a bit. Now the bit just seems harmless and without edge and without any point except to be silly.  Eh, who am I kidding, I just got massively PWNd.


This is really embarrassing. Now I know how Charlize Theron didn’t feel.

Worse yet this reduces my quota of posts for the day to net-zero.

Oh Boy: I think I owe some apologies.

Now Tiufek, who clearly hates me and wants me to die, rubs it in with actual photographic proof of the pre-recording.