RE: Are You Claiming….

In response to Are You Claiming….:

That not only was the bit pre-recorded (obviously), but that the reactions of Naomi Watts and Charlize Theron were also pre-recorded?

And staged?

Are the people visible in the background of these pictures…

That would be my guess, yes. The entire bit was recorded, we know that. Also, it was also too perfect that ALL the boob barers were universally mortified. And doesn’t the perfect cutting to these women as their names were mentioned help my case that it was all a pre-recorded bit the women were in on?

But I am also claiming, it doesn’t matter.  If these women can summon the boldness to bare themselves in front of 150 crew-members, on a 60 foot screen, and in front of the free world and the Internet — but not take a ribbing over it, that makes them perfect targets for humor. 

Letting the rarefied air out of the humorless rich, famous, and powerful is the best use of humor.