Being a liberal means never having to say you’re sorry

In response to Days After Ombudsmen Exits, WaPo Busted In Stealth Correction:

John, you’re quite right to note that the stealth-editors of the awful Washington Post “lecture others on journalistic ethics.”  The real knee-slapper is that this particular piece was arguably meant as such a lecture.  The whole point of the exercise was to make the Daily Caller look like a bunch of loose cannon fact-folders.  But it was the Washington Post crew that got basic details wrong, made fools of themselves, and then quietly tried to rewrite the article under the table.

I would imagine the other purpose of this Washington Post hit was to begin rehabilitating Senator Menendez, who wasted no time bellowing that he must be fully exonerated of all wrongdoing because one Dominican hooker allegedly quoted by a conservative paper recanted her earlier testimony.  Except it turned out to be the wrong hooker.  And as the Daily Caller guys noted during their well-deserved victory lap, it really wasn’t that hard to tell that it was the wrong hooker.

Things are obviously rather murky in the Dominican sex trade, so who knows which hooker said what about which senator at the behest of which shady lawyer?  But it’s clear that the Daily Caller put more diligence into nailing down the details of its story, to the best of their ability, than the venerable Washington Post.  And even if it turns out that Bob Menendez never got within ten yards of any Dominican prostitutes, he still has a lot of tough questions to answer… starting with how he got to that enchanting island republic, and why he didn’t remember to reimburse his BFF for $58,000 worth of air travel until a pack of real reporters from a conservative website started nosing around in his business.