Narrative, Narrative, Narrative

In response to The Fastball Special:

Greg Sergent was on Twitter on Friday agitating for a change in The Narrative.

This is a bit strange, isn’t it?  To be so focused on an unambiguously political, rather than reportial, mission? 

It’s still a strange thing to my eyes to see people who work for outfits like the Washington Post expressly arguing for a political Narrative — a political spin — which helps the president.   His efforts are directed at other reporters, attempting to get them to switch the Narrative to one more favorable to President Obama.

 And it’s very strange to now seen this done out-in-the-open, rather than behind-the-scenes at JournoList (though of course I’m sure some of this message-coordination business is still done behind-the-scenes).

 They have nakedly, and unabashedly, turned reporting into an expressly political contest where passionate advocates push for one Narrative and Majority Whips attempt to herd up the “votes.”  It is difficult to see any distinction between their actions and simple political campaigning.