Possible Response: Of Course the President Would Never Do This

In response to Ace:

The White House has not responded to Sen. Paul all day. Even Politico couldn’t get them to talk. But it seems unlikely the President will be able to simply ignore this. It will be network news. They have to do something. I suspect his political people have been working on that answer all day.

I agree that it’s unlikely the President or Carney will come out and announce a new position. That would be an admission of failure, a show of weakness. However there is another move that seems more likely.

Tomorrow when Carney is asked he can claim that this is much ado about nothing because of course the President would never use drones on Americans inside the US. Who would ever suggest such a thing? That way they give a response but the tone says move along, nothing to see here. They’ll claim the President is a champion of civil rights and that these questions are misguided and maybe even offensive.

The needed follow-up question is the one I posted on Twitter earlier: Would the criteria for targeting Awlawki have applied to Bill Ayers 40 yrs ago? Why not?


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