Kid I grew up with becomes Israel's Hugh Hefner

My friend Daniel Pomerantz wrote to me a few months ago from Israel, where he moved a couple of years ago, to say that he was involved with an exciting new publishing project but couldn’t tell me what it was just yet.

Turns out it was Playboy Israel, which launched Tuesday. Yes, I am jealous, and also amazed by how a kid from Skokie, IL has figured out a way to fulfill every (straight) Jewish boy’s ultimate career fantasy.

Daniel grew up on Karlov Street, a few doors down from my aunt. We played youth soccer together, and went to high school together. He became a legend after he taught himself Russian solely by sitting at the table with the Russian kids at lunch every day for four years. His younger brother, Jonathan, was on the gymnastics team with me and became one of the most accomplished pommel horse specialists in the school’s history.

Fast forward several years, and Daniel was living in Chicago, working as a lawyer and enjoying life near the lakefront. He hosted a campaign event for me when I ran for U.S. Congress in 2010.  He was involved in many pro-Israel causes, including AIPAC, and soon made aliyah to Israel. Little did I know what he had planned!

Watch the site for an exclusive interview with Daniel in the coming days. And feel free to send your questions!