The Democratic Whip Just Announced That the Democratic Party Objects to a Resolution That the President Can’t Murder American Citizens

In response to This Is What A Republic Looks Like:

The left doesn’t really bother hiding it, does it?

It occurred to me that the president won’t simply agree to the rather reasonable proposition that he’s not permitted to murder people because of the psychology of the weakling.

The weaker a man is, the less heroic he is, the more he finds it necessary to put on the airs of heroism and pantomime the muscle-flexing of the strong. 

Obama is a weak man, and certainly a weak president. Thus it becomes deadly to him to simply confess what is so obvious as to not need confessing:  That he’s not allowed to murder people.

A strong man could confess this without even thinking about it. The strong man does not need to ask himself things like Does this trivial acknowledgment of limitations of my power make me “look weak”?  The strong man knows he’s strong, and doesn’t worry much about “looking weak.”

But Obama is a weak man, and is presidency is one catastrophe piled upon another crisis, the whole disaster sustained only by his unrelenting posturing as a Hero before adoring liberals and TV news anchors (but I repeat myself).  The weak man simply cannot admit what the strong man can.  Weakness, after all, imposes limitations, and strength grants freedom of action.

To “yield” to Rand Paul would show the weakling for what he is, which is why he dares not do so.  The strong man would agree with a laugh.  But the weakling must continue to posture.