When do we get an emergency manager for Washington, D.C.?

In response to There’s a Financial Crisis in Detroit? No, Really? We Didn’t Notice.:

After the 2012 election, I mused on Twitter that the bad news is, Obama set out to turn America into Chicago, but worse news is that he’ll end up turning it into Detroit.  

Detroit is what happens when the free-market engines dragging the dead weight of Democrat ideology seize up, and the whole rotten system comes crashing down.  Until the coming of Obama, people didn’t realize just how hot the engines of capitalism were running to sustain the bloated government riding on our backs.  What happens when government over-reach finally manages to cut the power of those engines, rather than just feeding off their surplus power?  The answer lies stretched behind us, and ahead of us.

So now that Obama has more-or-less officially declared himself incompetent to trim the Detroit-style excesses of the federal government, by flatly refusing the full authority to implement those “smart spending cuts” he’s always nattering on about, who appoints the emergency manager to take over America?  If it’s our creditors, we’d better all start learning to speak Mandarin.

We’re already being told that a 2 percent spending shave is impossible without slashing open our national jugular.  Just wait until there’s no money left for anything except Social Security, Medicare, and debt service, and it’s time to choose between them.  Detroit 2013 will seem like paradise by comparison.