Connecticut Firearms Companies Take to the Airwaves

One of the many consequences of the gun control rampage by the left is the very real effect of job losses, i.e. having gun manufacturers put out of business or move out of state.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the state of Connecticut, home to the Newton Massacre but also home to well-respected fire arms manufacturers such as Colt, Mossburg, and Stag Arms.

“The firearms industry has a long history in Connecticut and continues to have a sizeable economic presence and workforce in the Constitution State,” says Jake McGuigan, director, government relations, state affairs for NSSF. 

The recent efforts to further regulate the firearms industry will result in job losses for the state of Connecticut, as these companies might have to move out of state, taking their jobs with them. (Connecticut’s unemployment level is already above the national average at 8.2%.)

Connecticut firearms companies are responding to these efforts by airing commercials across the state:  

Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy sent a letter (letter below) to Connecticut’s firearms manufacturers earlier this week. In it, he admits “my proposals, as well as the plans put forth by the General Assembly could have an impact on your business.”

Nevertheless, Malloy urges them to consider “Connecticut’s high quality of life, the availability of a skilled and educated work force, and administration that has been consistently dedicated to supporting the kind of precision manufacturing that takes place at your company” as the companies “plan for their future. “

“The value of our companies’ brands and national consumer acceptance of firearms made in a state that bans them within its own borders are serious business issues” said McGuigan  of the NSSF.

It’s hard to imagine any company feeling welcome in a state that would create such a hostile economic climate not only for a company but also for its employees. 

Malloy’s Letter


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