Media Myth Debunked: HBO's 'Girls' Struggles to Find Audience

Nobody watches HBO’s “Girls.”


In a country of over 300 million, 866,000 viewers is statistically zero.

And yet:

Lena Dunham, creator of the HBO series ‘Girls,’ has quietly shaken up the writing staff for her breakout comedy-drama about a group of young women making their way in New York.

“Breakout?” Season two’s ratings are worse than season one’s.

Is this nonsense just that the media is too bubbled and provincial to understand reality? Or is this the media manufacturing its own reality by blatantly lying in an effort to turn what isn’t even close to mainstream into something that is?

I’m willing to bet that more than 866,000 people canceled HBO out of the fear that while channel surfing they might accidentally see Lena Dunham naked.

“Girls” isn’t a breakout, it’s the new “30 Rock” — another embarrassingly low-rated “phenom” no one but the media loved.