History's 'The Bible' Debut Garnered 12 Million More Viewers Than HBO's 'Girls' Second Season Premier

In response to Media Myth Debunked: HBO’s ‘Girls’ Struggles to Find Audience:

That’s right. The History Channel’s Bible-based miniseries debuted on Sunday, airing from 8p.m to 10p.m. and was a breakout success, garnering 13.1 million viewers. That’s pretty impressive when you consider 1.) The Bible’s 13.1 million viewers was 1.8 million more viewers than AMC’s The Walking Dead’s (9p.m.) 11.3 million viewers and 2.) millions more people decided to watch The Bible (a story in which many in the target demographic know the ending to), than decided to watch Girls’ second season debut. 

Nevertheless, following on Ace’s sound logic that if “Middle Aged Liberal Women Who Work in the Media like a show, suddenly one cannot escape hearing about it,” and because few film productions come with more “good taste” than a miniseries with a moral message like The Bible, we should all be hearing a resounding cacophony of praise for The Bible from the usual suspects any day now. 

In the meantime, I’ll be over here, not holding my breath.