Top Five Things I Loved About Rand Paul's Filibuster

Good people can disagree on the issue of drone use. That wasn’t the point of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s epic filibuster to me. Here are the top-five things I loved about it…

1. Paul was demanding a straight answer from the White House to an important question.

2. Paul did a beautiful job exposing Obama’s hypocrisy. Really, the guy opposed to harmless waterboarding is now Dr. Strangeloving American citizens without due process?

3. Principle. Paul was publicly standing up and making a thoughtful case for something he feels strongly about. And I did believe him when he said he would’ve just as quickly filibustered a Republican president.

4. Paul, Cruz, Rubio and the rest showed some real media savvy, and did so for 13 hours straight. I doubt we’ve seen a total of 13 hours of media savvy from the GOP as a whole over the last five years.

5. Paul’s filibuster forced John McCain and Lindsey Graham to bare their a**es in a big way. If Paul’s filibuster didn’t mark a new era in the GOP, those two crybabies killed whatever was left of the old during that appalling tag-team temper tantrum on the Senate floor. Moreover, Graham’s childish decision to use Paul’s filibuster as an excuse to change his vote to ‘yea’ for Brennan probably ended his Senate career. He’s up for reelection in 2014 and almost certainly energized the grassroots against him.