Bill O'Reilly's Reruns More Popular Than HBO's 'Girls'

We’re currently living through “30 Rock II: Electric Boogaloo,” where the elite media manufactures a reality that says a ratings disaster they happen to like is some sort of cultural phenomenon. This is an old trick the left plays to make mainstream Americans feel like outsiders. The zone is flooded to make it seem as though HBO’s left-wing “Girls” is all the rage, when in really its ratings are statistically zero.

The media’s desperate to coarsen and sexualize our culture, so even though “Girls” can’t summon a million viewers in a country of 300 million, they’re just going to say it’s a “breakout” anyway. — you know, in the same way the media pretends Obama’s failed economic policies aren’t.

But using the media’s own standard, I thought it would be fun to see what other television shows enjoy around 900,000 viewers and therefore qualify as a “breakout.”

And look what I found:

1. “Fox and Friends”: 1.3 million viewers.

2. “The Five”: 1.93 million viewers.

3. “Special Report with Bret Baier”: 2.13 million viewers.

4. “Hannity”: 2.25 million viewers.

5. On the Record with Greta Van Susteren”: 1.74 million viewers.

6. “The O’Reilly Factor”: 3.08 million viewers.

7. A rerun of “The O’Reilly Factor”: 1.28 million viewers.

Same-day reruns of Bill O’Reilly are kicking Lena Dunham’s posterior.

Yeah, that’s a “breakout.”

Jerome Hudson and Ace have also added some terrific insights to this topic.


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