(Liberal) Man and Super (Wo)man

There’s a great tribute to Phyllis Schlafly over at Ace’s place, honoring her on International Woman’s Day, which strangely enough does not seem otherwise interested in honoring her.  (And this year’s International Woman’s Day comes just as the left-wing leadership of the United States gets busted drying to drop a feminist award on a terrorist sympathizer.  Awk-waaaaard!)

The treatment of Schlafly by mainstream liberalism and its feminist opinion-makers would seem objectively bizarre, if its political dimensions were not so glaringly obvious.  Schlafly is the living, breathing incarnation of everything old-school feminism celebrates, an unstoppable super-genius dynamo who effortlessly shattered every glass ceiling in her path.  She’s the type who would fence left-handed against Inigo Montoya, because it’s more challenging that way.

But because her convictions were inconvenient to the aggressive takeover of political and cultural institutions by Left-leaning power feminism, she became their mortal enemy.  She’s everything the first wave of feminists told women they should aspire to being… but she used the power of “choice” to make choices they disapproved of.  She embraced tradition with discerning intelligence, but was still treated as though she was a thoughtless primitive, or the captive of primitives.  She understood the importance of harmony between written law and natural law, and that’s inexcusable to those who despise natural law because it serves as a barrier to political ambition.

So if you hear Phyllis Schlafly mentioned at all in the media, it’s probably done through gritted teeth, by journalists who studied beneath leftist academics who couldn’t hold a candle to Schlafly on their best day, and never mastered her skill at expressing profound thoughts with accessible prose.  And because liberal men live in terror of power feminists, they still haven’t learned, after all these years, how to deal with the conservative superwoman – who is still, at 88 years young, over-achieving and speaking Truth to Power, the way a true feminist should.