With 'Skyfall' James Bond is Finally Back

**MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD that WILL ruin the movie if you have not seen it***

Finally saw “Skyfall” last night. Waited for it to hit Redbox because Hollywood hates that.

While very good, “Skyfall” is somewhat overrated — far from “the best Bond,” as so many have said. The third act lacks thrills, but the handling of the characters is first-rate. Still, it is head and shoulders above the previous entry, “Quantum of Solace,” which is easily the worst of the series.

What we now have is the first real Bond movie since Pierce Brosnan was retired in 2002. After “Solace,” I was certain producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson had lost their way rebooting the franchise. “Casino Royale” is pretty terrific, but it’s not a Bond film.

After 11 long years, Bond is finally back.  

“Skyfall” not only reintroduces the villain’s lair, Q and his gadgets, a stunning Miss Moneypenny, and the “Goldfinger” car (which made me giddy), but with Judi Dench finally removed and the new “M” (a perfectly cast Joseph Fiennes) safely installed in THE office — we are back in business, and I could not be happier.

In 1989, “License to Kill” introduced us to a lean, mean Bond out for revenge. It was considered a box office disappointment, but it was really ahead of its time. If you look at the Bond franchise today, it looks an awful lot like “License” — which I’ve always considered one of the top-five in the series.