The dreary predictability of the racialist Left

In response to American University Professor hate tweets Dr. Benjamin Carson:

Besides being stupid and offensive, people like this are so drearily predictable.  What a surprise it would be if they paid due respect to Dr. Carson and offered stimulating moral or intellectual disagreement with what he said.  But no, it’s just the usual stern order to return to the liberal plantation immediately, or Carson’s racial identity will be revoked.  Yawn.  At this point, I’m not sure how even the most hardcore lefty student stays awake through one of these tedious professors’ classes.  I would imagine it takes a lot of red meat getting tossed out to keep the kids from falling asleep at their desks.

It’s comical how whiny and thin-skinned the Left remains about Dr. Carson’s thoughtful dissent from Obama orthodoxy at the National Prayer Breakfast.  Carson wasn’t rude or confrontational at all… but he had the unmitigated gall to express his disagreement while the Lightworker was sitting right there next to him.  And I guess only Obama is allowed to mix religion and politics at these affairs, with his coma-inducing yawnfest of a “Christ the Tax Collector” sermon.

Okay, you guys, we get it.  All black people (and, increasingly, all Hispanic people, and all women) must think alike.  Sincere disagreement from leftist orthodoxy is impossible.  Your leaders are the physical incarnation of your righteous ideology, so humble submission in their august presence is mandatory.  Now why don’t you form a committee or two and think of something new, and interesting, to say?