Hasta La Vista Assault Weapons Ban

Hasta La Vista Assault Weapons Ban

After a meeting yesterday with Harry Reid (D-NV), Sen. Dianne Feinstein learned that her controversial assault weapons ban mess will not be part of the gun control bill package heading to the senate floor next month. 

The AWB could be offered up as an amendment, but the bill was already considered a long shot, as senate democrats will be facing a competitive election cycle for 2014. Many face constituents back home who do not support such legislation. 

“My understanding is it will not be [part of the base bill],” Feinstein said. “It will be separate.”

Asked if she were concerned about the decision, Feinstein paused andsaid, “Sure. I would like to [see the bill moved], but the leader hasdecided not to do it.”

“You will have to ask him [Reid],” she said, when asked why the decision was made.


Democrat insiders say the universal background check, supported only by Democrats, will not head to the floor either. 


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