Does American Sniper, Chris Kyle Matter, Mr. President?

In response to Do Gosnell’s Victims Matter, Mr. President?:

Since we’re talking about how the media shapes public perception with the stories it chooses not to tell, (which not coincidentally happen to be the same stories Obama chooses not to talk about), I was reminded of U.S. Navy SEAL Christopher Kyle, who was shot down by a disturbed fellow veteran on February 2.

The President and the White House did nothing to honor – or even mention the slain war hero. No “dramatic stage whispers” about how Kyle lived up to our greatest American ideals, etc were ever offered for public consumption.

Keith Koffler of White House Dossier noted:

 Many, including Sarah Palin, have called on Obama to say somethingabout Kyle, who was slain by a disturbed fellow veteran February 2. Butthere has not been a word – not even a written statement by Obama orWhite House Press Secretary Jay Carney, who gets the task of honoringthose who are deemed not quite worthy of an utterance from thepresident.


Given Kyle’s heroism and the notoriety and tragedy surrounding hisdeath, it is surprising he has not gotten a mention from the Commanderin Chief.

Others who would seem not more heroic than Kyle have receivedstatements from Obama expressing grief upon their passing, includingauthor Ray Bradbury, singer Donna Summer, business tycoon Steve Jobs,Eunice Kennedy, Dick Clark, Richard Chavez – the brother of Cesar Chavez- Kenyan activist Wangari Maathai, Wilma Mankiller – first CherokeeNation female chief – King George Tupou V of Tonga, basketball coachJohn Wooden, Chicago Bishop Arthur Brazier, and Kam Kuwata, a formerObama poltical aide.

The MSM doesn’t seem to have noticed this omission.