Safety alert for all black-helicopter pilots

In response to Guns: Biden Talks About ‘Black Helicopter Crowd’:

Urgent warning for the pilots of all black helicopters: do NOT fly over Joe Biden’s house, as he has instructed his wife to fire shotgun blasts in the air when she feels threatened. 

It’s interesting how urgently even the dimmer bulbs of the Left think they have to ridicule the notion of gun registration leading to confiscation.  This is, historically, what tends to happen.  It took the Nazis a while to get around to it, but eventually they did indeed decide that certain people shouldn’t have guns.  

The move being attempted here is a kind of reverse-Godwin’s Law headlock: “We’re not Nazis, so you don’t have to worry about us doing anything they did.”  Leaving aside the dystopian possibility that very bad people might one day gain positions of authority and find it useful to disarm the populace – which is the sort of thing the American Founders did take into consideration, as they were unwilling to assume the government they created would be forever staffed by nice people – the State already has a bad habit of doing questionable things with the huge databases it accumulates.  It strikes me as much more fanciful to assume they’ll safeguard their data vaults with solemn monastic fidelity.

I’m old enough to remember when liberals were quite outspoken about the “right to privacy,” which floated somewhere in an emanation thrown off by a penumbra that appears if you stare at the Sun for a few moments and then look at the Constitution.  But I guess the right to privacy has gone out of fashion, now that wonderful lightworking savants like Barack Obama and Joe Biden run the government, and they find it necessary to keep closer tabs on people.  

This is the government that says it lacks the resources to keep tabs on 11 million illegal aliens, doesn’t really know what most of its agencies are up to at any given moment, can’t crack down on billions of dollars in tax and welfare fraud despite decades of promises to do so… but they’ll have plenty of money and manpower to run a universal gun registry, and only black-helicopter paranoids doubt that they’ll accumulate that information with 1oo percent accuracy, and safeguard it with 100 percent efficiency.