ICE Union President Joins Senate Republicans Objecting to Immigration Cram-Down


Chris Crane, National ICE Council President, released the following statement, on Friday:

As an ICE officer, and as theunion representative for 7,000 ICE agents, officers and support staff, Iapplaud the Senators who authored the letter to Chairman Leahyregarding the need for an open and thorough committee review of anyimmigration plan.  On behalf of all the law enforcement officers represented by the National ICE Council, I would like to thank Ranking Member Grassley, Senator Hatch, Senator Sessions, Senator Cornyn, Senator Lee and Senator Cruz.

Too often in the immigration debate, no one speaks up for the rankand file law enforcement officers and the citizens we protect.  Largebusiness groups and political advocacy groups are invited to the WhiteHouse and other secret meetings.  But those tasked with enforcing thelaw have no voice in the process.

We have a very real concern thatthe immigration bill being crafted behind closed doors by a group ofeight lawmakers will be rushed to passage without proper publicconsideration and proper input from the law enforcement community.  Our politically appointed leaders, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and ICE Director John Morton,do not speak for us when it comes to enforcing the law.  SecretaryNapolitano and Director Morton have repeatedly undermined the ability ofour officers to enforce and protect the public safety.  We believe thefirst priority of Congress ought to be ensuring that the immigrationlaws it has already passed are enforced.

A mass legalization, or amnesty,of millions of illegal aliens, combined with an increase in futureimmigration, will have profound consequences for every law enforcement officer in the country and especially those who enforce our nation’s immigration laws.  But we have been shut out of the process.

To the best of my knowledge, the eight lawmakers now meeting have notconsulted with our union or with the rank-and-file officers in thefield during the drafting of this comprehensive bill.  But given theadministration’s current enforcement record, I have zero confidence anypromises of future enforcement will be fulfilled.

It is for all of these reasons I am grateful to these Senatorsdemanding an open and transparent process where our voice, and thevoices of all American citizens, can be heard.

Senator Sessions and some Republican allies are asking for hearings on the secret immigration bill.

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions and five other Republican senators are tryingto stop the Senate’s Democratic leaders from rushing a hugebusiness-backed amnesty and guest-worker bill through the Senate beforeit can be debated by the public.

 On March 19, Sessions and the other senators sent a letter asking Democratic Sen Patrick Leahy, the chairman of the Senate judiciary committee, to schedule hearings on the complex bill.

It feels like 2009 again to me. Just substitute the ruinous Stimulus (Ugh) and Obamacare (ugh) with Gun control (ugh) and Amnesty (ugh). Dems think they have the wind at their backs. And to make matters worse, we have turncoats on our side willing to help them along.


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