1990's Environmental Nut Job Captain Planet to Be at WH Easter Egg Roll

Captain Planet, the main title character of the 1990’s cartoon Captain Planet and the Planeteers will make an appearance at the annual White House Easter Egg roll, reports Charlie Spierling at the Washington Examiner. How fitting for this administration.

The program was one of the preachiest and most condescending shows aimed towards children and pre-teens. The animated concept, thought up by CNN founder Ted Turner and environmental activist Barbara Pyle, featured a blue skinned-green haired man with super powers who would be called upon by an international group of teens, representing different elements of the Earth, when an evil industrialist power lord needed to get his ass kicked.

 The show was full of leftist indoctrination nonsense.  For example, the kid who represented the United States was the dumbest and most impulsive one of the group. Go figure, his power was fire. 

Other cartoon characters coming to the White House Easter Egg roll include:

AbraKidabra — Bugs Bunny — Daffy Duck — Finn from Adventure Time — Jake from Adventure Time — Abby Cadabby — Scooby Doo — Arthur — Buddy from Dinosaur Train — Cat in the Hat — Clifford the Big Red Dog — Curious George — Daniel Tiger