Announcing @large : A Conference for Black Conservatives in Baton Rouge, May 30-31


Scott McKay of The Hayride sends word of @large:  “a one and a half day conference for black conservatives interestedin engaging in the political process.” The conference will be held May30-31, 2013, at Crowne Plaza in Baton Rouge, La.

 The Republican Party, which has had at its core the principle that aman’s liberty and opportunity should not be governed according to thecolor of his skin, has failed to compete for votes in a community whichbadly needs an option other than the Democrat plantation.

Deroy Murdock, writing yesterday at National Review, summed up the necessity for engagement– and the benefit for both sides. After pointing out that even anincremental improvement in GOP performance in the black community wouldhave made Mitt Romney president, he wrote this…

Black voters deserve to hear the Republican vision ofgrowth, opportunity, prosperity, and personal responsibility rather thanthe Democrat formula of profligacy, indebtedness, and redistribution(unforgivably, also advanced by GOP socialist G. W. Bush).

A muscular, year-round appeal to black voters would benefit the GOP and black Americans alike.

It’s time to stop conceding 15 percent of the electorate to theDemocrats, when Republicans getting a quarter to a third of the blackvote would ruin the Democrat Party as a national electoral entity.

And that quarter to a third of the black vote is not unattainable.

You can find more information about the conference on Facebook:

The goal ofthis conference is to inspire, motivate, and encourage blackconservatives to get involved in politics and build a constituencywithin their communities. The desire is to inform these conservativeson the most valuable resources for civic engagement and public office -equipping them with targeted, strategic and provocative messaging, andgetting them in front of people who can supply the financial resourcesto push that messaging into the public discussion. Long-termrelationships will be established within the black conservativecommunity to continue to increase knowledge and opportunity by trackingconference attendees as they move into public policy. We are striving tolay the foundation for black conservatism to spread into small andlarge communities alike, and give people the tools needed to build thisfoundation. This will not be a one-shot affair. We want to make this anannual event, and perhaps build something larger as time goes along.
The conference will include prominent, conservative black speakers,workshops and discussions on various campaign disciplines such asfundraising and messaging, networking, and a showing of Rev. C.L.Bryant’s documentary “Runaway Slave.” Reverend Bryant is the headlinerfor the event, and he’s been instrumental in getting FreedomWorksinvolved as a resource for us.

You can find them on Twitter here. Donations accepted here.