Ben Howe is Right

In response to Another Post Begging for Good Storytelling:

I agree with Ben Howe.  

People go to the movies to be entertained, not to be lectured at with ‘in your face’ school lessons. If you want to drive people away, give them a lecture in a movie …. or anywhere for that matter. I walked out of Atlas Shrugged. Yes.I.Did. I do not care for Ayn Rand and I do not want to watch movie dialogue that has characters barfing out chunks of a political manifesto. People do not have such conversations in real life, at least not for long. (Gotta run…plumber is on the way over.)

Great movie making is a kind of art, and the art is being able to communicate your vision to spectators.  You aren’t an artist if your movie is merely forcing political propositions on its viewers, where is the art?  There are great movies that demonstrate insight and creativity getting across a vision, let’s see some more of that. 

Ben has updated his piece to reflect that the movie trailer in question is not going to be turned into a movie. Even so, this discussion is worth having. Come at me.