Pres. George W. Bush, the Right's Presidential Sex Symbol?

In response to Michelle Obama On Sex Symbol Husband: ‘He’s Got A Little Swag’ (Video):

I take offense with the fact that people seem to think the politics is “show business for ugly people.” It is safe to say that, there are many political pundits, legislative staffers, and campaigners who are quite the ‘lookers.” I will exclude myself from this group, for the simple fact that it is obvious I fit the bill ;)  Don’t hate on us because we are purdy!

President George W. Bush was considered by many Republican women to be the rugged macho-cowboy type with considerable “swag” that women swooned over, but the press never portrayed him that way.  President Obama is the media’s ‘sex symbol,” because he can do nothing wrong in their eyes.

Perhaps Republicans need to start referring to “their favorite politicians” as sex symbols?