Jake Tapper: Gun Control Advocates Should Have Basic Familiarity with That Which They Seek to Ban

Before the clip, which is just terrific, let me bring up a hoary cliche beloved by liberals.  The cliche concerns know-nothing scolds whipped up into a Moral Panic, who wish to ban certain Dangerous Books.  When asked if they’ve ever read the books, they say, “No, I don’t need to.”  When asked if they even know what the books are about, they say again, “No, I don’t need to.  I know this book is Bad.”

And then liberals chuckle.  How silly.  How stupid.  How base.  How absurd that a Moral Scold would seek to ban a thing without having the slightest idea about what it is they seek to ban.

Sound familiar?  You’ve all been hit over the head with this pointed critique of human herd-animal behavior– and you’ve seen it attributed entirely to traditionalists.

So now the clip, via Hot Air.

Where is the embarrassment? Where is the shaming? Where are people to humiliate these fools who seek to reduce liberty by banning a thing they don’t even comprehend?

I keep saying this, but we are duty-bound to force them to live up to their egotistical, wildly-overpraising conceptions of themselves.


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