Assassination Attempt: Bomb Package Heading For Sheriff Joe Arpaio Intercepted In Flagstaff

Fox News reports that a suspicious package en route to Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Phoenix headquarters was intercepted by authorities in Flagstaff Thursday.

Authorities in Flagstaff, a city in Northern Arizona, x-rayed the box and determined it contained an explosive device. A bomb squad was deployed and neutralized it.

Flagstaff Police, the FBI and U.S. Postal inspectors are working the case and authorities there say they already have investigative leads. 

This follows a string of attacks on law enforcement that started a little over two months ago.

 Kaufman  County, Texas saw the assassination of Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse, who was shot dead in public on January 31. District Attorney Mike McLelland, and his wife, Cynthia McLelland, were shot dead in their home two months after McLelland publicly vowed to track down Hasse’s killer.

An intruder was also recently gunned down in a Colorado prosecutor’s home:

An intruder who forced his way into the mountain home of a Colorado deputy district attorney was shot dead by either the prosecutor or her police officer husband, authorities said on Tuesday.

The shooting, shortly before midnight Monday, comes two weeks after Colorado’s prisons director was slain as he answered the front door to his home, and two days after the district attorney of Kaufman County in Texas was found shot to death with his wife.

And a West Virginia Sheriff who was known for being very tough on drug dealers, was gunned down at a spot where he routinely lunched so he could keep an eye on an area that was once a “pill mill.”

“America’s Sheriff” Joe Arpaio has made many enemies throughout his tenure, earning a reputation for being tough on crime and illegal immigration, and for being one of the current president’s fiercest critics.

Warner Todd Huston recently reported at Big Government that Arpaio is facing a recall effort in Arizona.

Involved in the recall effort is one Randy Parraz, a long-time, left-wing Arizona agitator, a failed candidate for office himself, a Huffington Post contributor, a man that has several arrests under his belt and one who was involved in instigating the Seattle World Trade Organization riots back in 1999 when he was a field operative for the AFL-CIO. Today Parraz is the head of Citizens for a Better Arizona. Ludders and Thomas also say he is known as an Obama associate and has visited the President in the White House.

Parraz has spent some effort to hide his association with the anti-Arpaio effort, though. At one point he told the Phoenix New Times that he wasn’t involved in any of it. What Parraz seemed to forget to mention to the alternative newser is that his wife, Lilia Alvarez, is the head of Respect Arizona, the group heading up the recall effort. To claim he isn’t also involved is only a tad disingenuous.
Who ever is running it, this recall campaign is little else but a harassment campaign. But it is one that is of a piece with that organized by Barack Obama’s Administration in an attempt to remove Joe Arpaio from office.