Politicizing tragedy

In response to NYT’s Nick Kristof: This Explosion Shows the Shame of the GOP for Holding Up that ATF Director; Shock– He Deletes the Tweet, Begins Tweeing About His Heartfelt Concern for the Victims:

I have to admit, I absolutely do not understand the reflexive urge to politicize something like this, even as victims are still being treated at the scene, and our confirmed knowledge of the incident remains almost nil.  

I don’t know what kind of fuses are blown in Nick Kristof’s head, or what vital element is missing from the man’s soul, but if anyone at the Times retains a shred of editorial integrity, they should put him someplace quiet to conduct some deep introspection, perhaps with the aid of a psychologist or religious counselor.  Then let him return to duty with a heartfelt 800-word column apologizing to everyone he slandered.

Exit question: does sending a Tweet like this disqualify Kristof from owning a gun, under the “mental illness” provisions of New York’s new gun laws?