Authorities Investigating 'Dangerous Device' in Revere Apartment

A roomate of the man questioned in connection with the Boston Marathon bombing describes his roomate as ‘quiet and clean.’  

Reports say the person of interest moved into the fifth floor of the apartment in Revere, MA about five months ago. He was last seen two days ago by his roomate. 

“He’s a good boy,” the roommate said of the potential suspect. “I think he couldn’t do that.”

The roomate said that nothing was taken from the apartment, but the authorties were seen carrying bags from the apartment. 

Another resident of an adjacent building reporting that officials told him they were “investigating a tip about a dangerous device in one of the apartments. I
did ask him if it was a bomb or something, but he wouldn’t answer.”

The potential suspect was question at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s hospital yesterday where he is being treated for leg injuries. Law enforcement told the New York Post the man is not free to leave the hospital where he remains under guard. 


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