Video: Grassley-Cruz-Graham-Coats Press Conference On Alternative Gun Bill

In response to Grassley-Cruz Unveil Alternative Gun Bill:

At the press conference Wednesday morning, Senators Grassley, Cruz, Graham and Coats introduced their alternative gun legislation to prevent gun violence and protect the Second Amendment.

Via The Hill:

“Rather than restricting the rights of law-abiding Americans, we should be focusing on keeping guns out of the hands of violent criminals, which this legislation accomplishes,” Cruz said. “While the Obama Administration continues to politicize a terrible tragedy to push its anti-gun agenda, I am proud to stand beside my fellow senators to present common-sense measures that will increase criminal prosecutions of felons who try to buy guns, criminalize straw purchasing and gun trafficking, and address mental health issues.”

Here’s the full video via Senator Graham’s office of the presser:


The Grassley/Cruz amendment was rejected 52-48.