More Mindlessness From Melissa Harris-Perry

In another promotional ad for her weekend show, Melissa Harris-Perry doubled down on dumb: 

“My father grew up in the Jim Crow south. And he would give me birthday cards, and instead of signing them ‘Love, Daddy,’ always signed them, ‘the struggle continues, Daddy’… I was a little kid and I was like ‘what is he talking about?’ But what it means and what I’ve taken as my own, you don’t have to have all the answers and all the solutions to all the problems today… These problems have persisted and lots of folks have been working on them and you take up the banner and you work on them during your lifetime and then you pass it on to the next.”

This is a big pile of paternalist crap. The persistent “problems” that Harris-Perry is referring to are not new to life on planet Earth. And the “folks” that have been “working on them” are all high-minded do-gooders, like Harris-Perry, who have only made matters worse. 

The irony here is startling. Liberalism created the so-called “Struggle.” It was Liberal feminism that discouraged fatherhood and liberalized divorce which has destroyed families and exposed untold generations to poverty and government dependence. It was Liberals, unions, and teachers–comfortable in their co-dependency–who went from respected educators to a partisan pressure-group fighting for their slice of the federal pie, kids be damned. 

The laundry list of “persistent problems;” single parenthood, teen pregnancy, the dropout rate, rising welfare dependence, crime and the misery they produce, are all the effects of and are reinforced by the very worldview that Harris-Perry and her father subscribe to. If it’s fixed, Liberals have to find a way to break it. They simply don’t know how to mind their own business.

When The Stupid rains, it pours:


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