Gun control and the Boston manhunt

I can’t imagine anyone would still be interested in any of the dusty jars of snake oil tinkling around in the gun-control medicine wagon after the events of Friday.  The Tsarnaev brothers cared nothing for gun-control laws or gun-free zones, any more than their murderous attitudes were soothed by the “COEXIST” bumper sticker on the car they jacked.

None of the thousands of officers hunting for the fugitive bombers seemed willing to settle for 7 or 10 round limits on their magazines.  Does anyone doubt that a pair of killers who were able to rig up at least a dozen anti-personnel bombs would have trouble acquiring or kit-bashing their own “high-capacity” magazines?  For that matter, they obviously didn’t need guns to wreak horrendous amounts of carnage.

It took a day-long manhunt, paralyzing the entire city of Boston, to find the most wanted man in America.  He was evidently wounded the entire time.  This is not a negative reflection on the police; rather, it illustrates the difficulty of controlling a crime situation in a developed area that offers so many places to hide.  

Relying on the police for defense is not a sound strategy.  They’ll certainly do their best to help you out if they can, but it’s unlikely they’ll be able to reach you in time, unless your attacker is kind enough to give you advance notice.  In the end, it was a private citizen who found the terrorist’s hiding place and alerted the authorities.  It’s fortunate he wasn’t in shape to injure the person who discovered him, or the police who moved in to apprehend him.

Every arrogant gun-control elitist in America would have been howling for someone to toss him a gun within five seconds of sighting Dzhokar Tsarnaev on Friday.  


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