Amazing Eyewitness Photos of Boston Shootout

Yesterday, eyewitness Andrew Kitzenberg posted these amazing photographs of the shootout in Watertown with the brothers Tsarnaev. They were taken from an upper floor of his building with an iPhone 5. Follow the link to get the full effect–and to see just how bloodthirsty, and how crazy, these two young jihadists were.

It’s striking to see them taking aim at police officers and unloading their arsenal with clear intent to kill. It’s equally striking to note how reckless they were. They neglected to turn off the headlights of their vehicle, for example, making them easier to hit. And the final SUV charge of the barricade is captured in its full insanity.

The photographer leaves some of the best shots for last–the bullet holes in the building and in the cars outside. Those who question the police decision to place the city on lockdown and evacuate some residents ought to consider just how close Boston came to having additional injuries and deaths among bystanders.