Tremble in fear, gun-rights advocates!

In response to ‘Stop the NRA’ March Fizzles:

I’ll bet the NRA guys are quaking in their hand-tooled cowboy boots now!  An entire minivan full of gun-control nuts stands ready to descend upon them!  There might even be enough of them to fill an Ihop!

It’s fun to watch dejected gun-control zealots hug themselves and sob that voters will surely punish everyone who failed to get aboard the Newtown Gun Control Express.  The whole legislative debacle is likely to cost Democrats some seats, and make it harder for red-state Dems to fool their constituents into seeing them as tireless champions of the Second Amendment.  Said Democrats will redouble their efforts, which will only marginalize the gun-control crowd even further.

Also, I don’t think the gun-control crew has fully digested how much damage the Boston Marathon bombing did to their position.  Everyone in America spent Friday imagining themselves holed up under “cover in place” orders while an armed and dangerous Dzhokar Tsarnaev prowled the streets, and everyone with an ounce of common sense understood that a personal firearm would be vital for self-defense.  We watched the police and the bombers fire hundreds of rounds at each other, so New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s idiotic “no one needs ten bullets to kill a deer” talking point is deader than Tamerlan.  The bombers killed and maimed hundreds with bombs, not guns, and cheerfully ignored the laws against both types of weapon.  

I’m mildly surprised the gun grabbers were able to get as many people as we can see in the photos you posted of their little “Stop the NRA” protest.


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