Google, Joyce Foundation Big Players in Anti-Gun, Left-Wing Activism

While the left is frequently up in arms about the about the Koch brother’s money funding political and campaign projects,  there is no shortage of big leftist corporate and foundation money floating around hot political issues.

Both the Joyce Foundation and Google are established players in the anti-second amendment movement as well as other progressive political causes.

The Joyce Foundation has injected large chucks of money into the anti-gun movement, including Mayor’s Against Gun Control and the Violence Prevention Center.   (Aside: Who was on the Board of the Joyce Foundation? None other than President Barack Obama who keeps assuring us that he doesn’t want to take our guns away. Obama sat on the board of the Joyce Foundation from 1994-2002.)

Likewise, Google’s support for anti-gun “advocacy” is no secret.

Specifically, they’ve banned results related to firearms and other products that they don’t deem to be “family safe.” Until recently, gun-related products appeared with other products in search results on the shopping section. Many of America’s 80 million gun owners have used Google as a powerful price-comparison tool. Not anymore.

And the connections go further, Ben Howe writes:

We know that Obama campaign manager Jim Messina received personal mentoring on both technology approaches and management style from Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt, his friend since the 2008 campaign.  We know that Google employees overwhelmingly contributed to Democrats in the last cycle (and aggregate individual employee contributions outnumbered the company’s PAC contributions). We know that Google vice president and “chief Internet evangelist” Vint Cerf received a presidential appointment to the National Science Board following last year’s election.

The left wing Joyce Foundation just funded a digital advocacy study co-authored by Organizing for Action’s (formerly Obama for America) Michael Slaby, who used to work for Google’s Eric Schmidt.

As we continue hear wailing and lamenting about “big money” in politics and the need for campaign finance reform, let’s keep in mind the left is as big a benefactor if not bigger of “big money” as the right. 


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