Jason Collins, Kermit Gosnell, Sexual, and Spiritual Brokenness In America

Sex has gone from being private to public. Put simply, one’s sexuality can confer social validation. Entire industries now spin on an axis of homosexual activism (think gay marriage movement). Being gay is an identity, and, like blackness or feminism, identity activism is sewn so deeply into our culture now, that we rarely consider the consequences of pouring so much energy into publicizing and popularizing sexual lifestyles. 

But if we are going to continue to celebrate the Jason Collins of the world then we better brace ourselves for more headlines like “90 Teens Pregnant In One Memphis School.” If we are comfortable with the Newsweek headline, “Obama: First Gay President,” we better get used to seeing more that say, “Woman Has Sex With Students At School.”

If sex is no longer a deeply spiritual and intimate act between two people committed to marriage, and is more about kudos, office bets, brief physical pleasure, and the like then we should get used to more headlines that say, “Babies Treated Worse Than Sick Dogs, Prosecutor Alleges At Abortion Doc Murder Trail.” That’s right. Actions have consequences. And our cockeyed culture is so broken, so, morally fractured that we openly celebrate self-destructive behavior in order to hide our own soul-deep insecurities, consequences be damned.

Those babies (dozens of them born alive) that were butchered by Dr. Gosnell were killed because their mother’s were broken, and thought so little of their own child’s existence. Think about that.

None of this exists in a vacuum. Dave Lomas, pastor of Reality San Francisco says, “we are all sexually broken.” If you are gay, you struggle with same sex attractions. If you are having sex, you struggle with guilt. If you are single, you struggle with loneliness, and waiting to get married. If you are married, you don’t think you’re having enough sex. 

President Obama said that Jason Collins’ decision to come out as a gay man makes it a little bit easier for young people struggling with the same issues, to feel accepted in society. Again, if we are going to openly thrust a culture of sexual openness onto the young and the impressionable then we should also expect to see more headlines like “Children As Young As 10 Are ‘Sexting,’ Says Study.”   

My first reaction to Jason Collins coming out was confusion. I thought, “A professional athlete is openly gay? Okay. In other news, it’s Monday.” I couldn’t understand why who Jason Collins was sexually attracted to was newsworthy. Sure, no active NBA player has come out before, but who cares? Really? Who cares? People enjoy sporting events for many different reasons, none of which has to do with who the players have sex with after the game.

And then I noticed that Collins’ decision was being characterized as “brave” and “heroic.” And then I read a tweet from Ben Shapiro that said, “So Jason Collins is a hero because he’s gay? Our Standard for heroism has dropped quite a bit since Normandy.” I agree. Ben’s point was that just because Collins is the first to come out doesn’t automatically constitute a risk, especially in an America that openly accepts (Ben cites President Obama) homosexuality and punishes those who demean it (Kobe Bryant was fined for saying “faggot”). 

But that’s when it hit me. 

That’s when I realized that this is bigger than the fact that certain victim groups (gays) get cast as heroes when there’s no real heroism. No. This is about moral bankruptcy and spiritual brokenness in America. The President of the United States of America literally joined in today to celebrate a private citizens sexual lifestyle. 

We have cheapened ourselves so much. And the narcissism is breathtaking. 


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