Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Clears Fracking

A 16 month investigation by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has found that fracking is not responsible for methane which appeared in local water wells in Franklin Township, PA. But local fracking opponents have already rejected the state’s explanation.

The Mannings are a family in Franklin Township who have
become vocal opponents of fracking. They claim that fracking operations about a mile from their home have led to contaminated well water. And there is no doubt that their water is contaminated with significant levels of methane. As a result, their house has become a
pilgrimage site for those who oppose the drilling process. But according to the DEP, the evidence suggests fracking is not at fault for the contamination of their well. This local news report outlines the results of a 16 month investigation:

The PA DEP report states that methane found in local wells, including the Mannings’, is not the same as methane tested at nearby fracking operations. Instead, the report says it is most similar to naturally occurring methane found in Salt Springs State Park about a mile away. The report also notes a nearby mobile home park (about 2 miles away) had abandoned a well in 1998 because of elevated methane levels.


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