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Whistleblower Attorney Says State Department Is Violating the Law in Benghazi Cover-up


In response to Obama: ‘Not Familiar’ with Intimidation of Benghazi Whistleblowers:

Well, yeah… a State Dept. spokesman yesterday told reporters that he wasn’t even aware that there were any whistleblowers. So why would the guy who went nighty-night last September 11 when he knew the consulate was under attack, instead of doing something to help, know anything about intimidation? 

Imagine how puzzled officials at the State Dept must have been when they received those letters from Chairman Issa requesting that the whistleblowers’ lawyers be cleared to receive classified information. They probably just deep-sixed the letters, and said, “What whistleblowers? Issa’s off his meds, again!”   

Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Victoria Toensing, who’s representing one of the State Dept. employees who’s claiming unnamed Obama officials threatened him/her, told FOX News this morning that the State Department is violating the law by interfering with a federal employee’s right to provide information to Congress.

She also expressed her shock and dismay that the State Dept. spokesman would plead ignorance about the whistleblowers when they have received two letter from Issa dated April 16, and April 26 asking them to provide a process for a whistleblower’s lawyer to receive classified information.

Video Via Gateway Pundit:

The State Department already investigated itself with its “independent probe” and issued a report admitting mistakes were made. They claim “that should be enough.”


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